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If you are trying to find a hair salon in Houston, TX, come to Cut Addiction Barber & Beauty Shop. We specialize in Haircuts, Barber Shop, Barber and much more. Our staff is very experienced and is sure to leave you satisfied with the way you look. We have the experience and skill that will have you coming back. We specialize in natural hair. For a great service in Houston, TX, call on Cut Addiction Barber & Beauty Shop.

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Weaves are a classic choice for the woman looking for a fabulous look with little fuss. Beauticians here, are skilled in every weaving technique possible. We are well versed in the art of the “bee hive” technique, or braiding your natural hair into a circle and sewing in your choice of weave hair. We can also do a more traditional corn row braids, where we braid your natural hair from front to back, before finally sewing or gluing in your choice of weave hair. As you can see, your weave options are plenty. Don’t wrack your brain trying to decide on a type, color, or technique. That’s what we’re here for. Our staff will work with you to determine the best styles and hair options for you. At our shops, we care about our clients’ well-being. We want you to love your hair as much as we love caring for it! Forget those other shops, let us provide you with a second to none experience!


Dreadlocks or “Locks” as their most commonly referred to in pop culture is the hottest trend in the streets right now. Though the style itself is certainly not new, it seems to have gained resurgence. Here, we have some of the best “Lockologists” in the business. Our talented “Lockologists’” will ensure your comfort as they twist each strand of your hair into beautiful locks. We will even educate you in proper maintenance. If you’re looking for something less permanent, our stylists can create “faux-locks”. They look and feel just like authentic Dreadlocks, but they aren’t. There are many ways to go about this process, from extensions to using your natural hair. A talk with your stylist will help you determine which method you’d prefer. Come in today to get some fresh new Dreadlocks of your own!

Alkaline Water

We are now selling Alkaline Water. Alkaline Water has a higher pH level than regular drink water. Stop by today to purchase your Alkaline Water.


One of our most popular cuts is the fade. If you’re familiar with hip hop culture, then you know fades are long standing staple. The style is usually characterized by, the hair being shaved on the sides with just a little off the top. Over the years, fades have evolved from just one type to an array. For instance you can have a high top fade or a low fade. As hair trends continue to evolve, our barbers must evolve with them. All of our expert staff members continue to gain top quality continuing education. We pride ourselves on keeping up with all the latest styles. All of our fades are one of a kind, especially catered to your individual style.

Natural Hair

Do you want to rock your natural hair, but don’t know how to style it? The beauty technicians at Cut Addiction Barber & Beauty Shop will help you out. For so many years, you may have been told your hair was too course to be considered beautiful. Those days are gone. With so many hair products that have been newly created for those with curly and course hair texture, there’s no reason to bother with unhealthy straightening treatments. Curly hair has become all the rage. It’s time to celebrate your tresses! The pros at our salon can create all sorts of styles you’ve never even dreamed of. Now, you too can step out with confidence and sass, sporting your own natural hair. You’ll turn heads and make your friends jealous! So, whether it’s Bantu knots, an afro, or French braids, we are the stylists’ for the job!


Based in Houston, TX, this barber shop continues to be a popular fixture in the city. It’s not only the place to go for a great haircut, it’s also a lifestyle and culture. When you step foot inside of our barber shop you will be stepping into laughter, music and a great sense of community. You’ll walk in for the fun and a new haircut, but you’ll leave looking fresh, confident, and ready take on the world! This isn’t your Grandads’ barber shop. This shop thrives on a modern atmosphere and cutting edge style. You’ve never been to a barber shop quite like ours. We take pride in every cut we create!

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