Natural Hair

Do you want to rock your natural hair, but don’t know how to style it? The beauty technicians at Cut Addiction Barber & Beauty Shop will help you out. For so many years, you may have been told your hair was too course to be considered beautiful. Those days are gone. With so many hair products that have been newly created for those with curly and course hair texture, there’s no reason to bother with unhealthy straightening treatments. Curly hair has become all the rage.

It’s time to celebrate your tresses! The pros at our salon can create all sorts of styles you’ve never even dreamed of. Now, you too can step out with confidence and sass, sporting your own natural hair. You’ll turn heads and make your friends jealous! So, whether it’s Bantu knots, an afro, or French braids, we are the stylists’ for the job!

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